Vol 13 – How To Manage Multiple Project!

If you want to become a good designer that can manage multiple project and withstand high-pressure, then read this article carefully, think about it and check your workplace for any adjustment.

1.] For those who are working daily and trying to process multiple deadlines, then you will need to invest on paper–size notes, notice-board (wall mount) with a packet of push pins. This is because, if you ever forget something which is very important, then it will always be stuck on the board just for you to remember! Also, for those who wants to be more than organise, why not get yourself a log book? It’s very useful for storing important information, such as ‘appointment (time / dates)’ and specific instruction from individual clients. However, if you prefer simplicity, please consider getting yourself a “wirebound sketchpad” as they are design to look flexible, easy to open without force and provides freedom for creativity and applying annotation without limitation.

Paper Size Notes – (A5 Size)
- if you are going to manage multiple deadlines and various projects, then will seriously need “A5 Paper” just to cram everything onto your board. This is because, most boards which are made to order, they are usually around 90 x 60 (centimetre). So, it basically means, there isn’t not much room if you are going for A4 paper, unless, you have multiple board hanging within your room.

Notice-Board (wall mount)
Notice-board are sold everywhere around “Office & Accessory” store. They can be found online if you know where to look. However, if you want quality and usability, please don’t go for small version and buy anything which advertises “CORK / Pine” material (that includes wood material). WHY? It’s because, they are not designed for heavy – duty usage and will crumble overtime if you are not careful!

Push Pins (Required For Notice Board)
Push Pins are sold everywhere and they are VERY easy to spot! But, if I were you, I would consider buying them online. This is because, they are sold cheaper and provide larger quantity, colour selection and different pin – length.

Wirebound SketchPad
Sketchpads are produce at universal quantity and provides different SIZE / GSM (paper thickness) for artist or designers like myself. But, when it comes to portability, it’s best to find “A4 Size Sketchpad (Wirebound)” if you’re travelling or pitching ideas for clients. Apart from that, it’s also perfect for doodling and sketching…

If you want freedom and flexibility, please go for “Wirebound Sketchpad” as they are easy to handle, easy to flip-over and acts like a solid drawing surface. But, there is one thing – regardless of which paper and thickness you choose, is to have something with you at all time! For example, I always carry a small sketchbook in my bag or close to my desk which is ready for use. That’s because, when that flash of inspiration happens, you’ve got to slap it down quick and swiftly! Otherwise, that cool idea becomes harder and harder to retain / remember as time flies by…

2.] Work Room / Office is every – designer’s point of view and breathing space. Therefore, it needs to be spacious and suitable for storing documents, multiple cabinets, drawing pads and holds the biggest – the badest Workstation PC (Full Tower Desktop Workstation) you could ever think about! Nevertheless, it can sometime be the other way – round, such as being portable and simplistic. But, isn’t that a little awkward just to work in a cramp / boxed room? If you agree, then forget about portability / simplicity and go BIG, Crazy and let your imagination flow like WILD Horses!

Second, for those who are into serious design, a workstation table must provide enough space just to accommodate 2~3 wide-angle monitors (24” approximately), drawing board (A3 Maximum), and maybe, a laptop workstation if you prefer. Also, don’t forget about flexibility if you’re moving about regularly, such as looking for documents, replacing paper or recompiling project from another table.

Third, if you have carpets, please get yourself a small table / TV stand (90 cm X 40 cm) just to keep it above ground-level, because, you really don’t want anything flying through your computer, such as fur (normally from dogs/ cats), loose hair and other things which normally builds ESD (Electro-Static-Discharge). Also, don’t forget to buy proper workstation case which provides dust-filters. It can also be very helpful if you have little flecks flying about (that can also be harmful).

Fourth, look for work – table which is designed for corners (L Shape), as it will provide more workspace and flexibility for another laptop (17” Laptop) and storage for multimedia speakers if you already have triple – monitor (wide-angle). But, don’t forget about extra storage if you’re going to store a lot of pencil, rulers and other equipments. It will surely come in-handy…

Fifth, if you got spare bits, such as screws, extension cables and special socket for your computer, then consider buying a large toolbox and compartment storage just to hide them and keep your room organise.

Sixth, when you are working on a specific project, you may end-up crunching them and throw them about like a broken ragdoll. So, to reduce trash around your work – room, I would seriously recommend you to buy a shredder. They can be found online and electronic stores. It’s not that hard…

Notes: most shredders will help you shred credit cards and protect credentials against fraud. So yeah, get yourself a shredder and stay hidden!

Seventh, photographer should get a shelf, such as “Storage Cabinet (Tower)” if they want to store camera lens, accessories and small equipment which aren’t needed for several occasion.

3.] A lot of hi-tech designers, today, prefers carrying laptops, netbooks and tablets, such as the famous “BlackBerry Playbook / iPads”. So, here is list for you to read…

Computer Desktop, which are known as Workstation, they are normally built to process multiple projects and support 3d modelling software, animation, prototyping or photoshop production which requires lots of calculations and system resources. Also, please understand that most workstation are also equipped with professional graphics card (ATi Firepro / Nvidia Quadro), large amount of memory and powerful processors (CPU) which enables Adobe Suite, Autodesk, Rhino 3D to perform at high-performance and control large amounts of polygons / frames. However, when it comes to cost and maintenance for building such a powerful system, it can range between £5000 ~ £10000+. So don’t even think about it if you are NOT a designer like me. Instead, get yourself a “Multimedia PC (£800 – £1200) and stay away from “Firepro / Nvidia Quadro” GPUs. WHY? Because, they are not designed / built to run GAMES!

Laptops / Netbook are normally design for working abroad, for collecting data and provide flexibility if you have a lot of things to process. But, that’s not all, as it can also be used as “multimedia / gamming centre” if you are bored or have nothing to work on. In short, you can do more, such as multi-tasking and watching movies, writing essays or surfing the web, replying emails – chat – shout and play games on the move. However, it’s depends on your hardware capability.

Mobile Workstation are classified as “Design & Engineering Laptop”. This is because, it provides dedicated GPU (Mobility Firepro / Nvidia Quadro), powerful CPU which is nearly identical to desktop workstation and provides bags of memory (RAM) just to RUN: “Autodesk, Adobe, Rhino 3D, Solid-Work. However, if you’re thinking about buying one for work, design and rendering, then you will seriously need to do some research and grab yourself a “Cooling Pad” just to be safe, because, these laptop can get pretty HOT if you’re not careful!

Now, regarding special parts, different size, memory allocation and the chassis itself (includes nearly everything), it will properly cost your wallet £1900 ~ £5000, maybe more if you’re outside US / UK / EUR continent.

Tablets / Mini-Tablets are generally designed as portable / entertainment devices for consumers. They can be used for storing documents, photos, movies and play music. But, they can also be use as electronic portfolios which don’t require printing, wasting paper and trashing ink-cartridge. However, if you’re about to get one, please consider buying screen-protector and shell protector as it will protect your tablets against scratches, bumps and knocks.

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