How can I integrate JAVA Runtime on my tablet?

First, many sites today (include the future) was told that MOST tablet will not support “Java Runtime Environment”. But, some developer will / may provide “JAVA SDK” only for their tablet. However, it depends on the market and demands from consumer. Also, just be glad that some tablets are willing to support “Flash Runtime Environment” for the browser (inc. 3rd party), apps and flash based contents (website based).

Second, please be-aware that “Java SDK” is completely different from “Java Runtime Environment”. For example, “SDK” is Java Development Kit which is distributed for programmers and developers with application server, debugger and documentation, whereas “JRE (Java Runtime Environment)” is an integration of “Java Virtual Machine” for execution and running Java Based Programs. Nevertheless, many user prefer calling it Javascript as “Scripting Language” for browser application and JAVA SDK as development kit for developers / programmers. Also, from extensive research, JAVA SDK will not function properly and execute programs without JAVA JDK.

Third, if you have Blackberry Playbook (RIM’s Os2) OR ASUS EeePad TF101 (Honeycomb V3.x) as an example, you will notice that it does support “Flash Runtime Environment & Javascript (Sometime bundled with SDK for development)” for internet browser. However, please be-aware that NOT all website which relies on JAVA (NOT Javascript) may function correctly – That is your WARNING!

BlackBerry Playbook User: if you really want to check this out, just hit the browser icon and slide the top – edge – downwards, select: Settings >> Content >> Enable Javascript.

Now, to use JAVA & Javascript as a bundle, you will definitely need to carry your laptop / net-book. That is all can say – it’s ridiculous, I know…

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