How To AVOID Frying Your DELL Precision!

Lately, I had been working on various project with my “Precision M4600” laptop. I normally use it for prototyping and rendering large project which are not stressful for the hardware – especially the GPU (ATi Firepro 5950). However, when it comes to ventilation, the system normally kills itself (black outs) to prevent internal damage and overheating. This is normal for DELL Precision laptop and VERY common for the community.

How Do I Resolve THIS Problem?

The only way to prevent this problem is to control the body temperature of your laptop, manage power consumption and provide plenty of circulation.

Please continue reading if you want to understand…

1.] Just before you press the “POWER” button, please check your surrounding or workplace for obstructions, debris and harmful residue. These can be lethal and will short-circuit your laptop and clog the ventilation. If you do it by accident, then it’s down the drain for you mate. Have FUN forking out money for maintenance and delivery charges!

2.] Place a thermometer in your bedroom, next to your table or office table. Dell Precisions are pretty sensitive towards outside temperature / air pressure. In other words, it will NOT boot properly if you try it in a room that feels warm, moist or roasting like an oven! So, my best advice is to keep your room ventilated just before touching the “POWER” button – that is a WARNING!

3.] If you are traveling often from COLD ~ WARM climate, please be aware that your Dell Precision is not going to like you much. So, please buy yourself a Cooling PAD for emergency. They are sold everywhere on, and other retailer. But, don’t be an idiot and buy Passive Cooling Pads. They are NOT going to help your laptop that much if you are working for long session!

For those who are looking for 15” – 17” Cooling Pads, please take a look at my recommendation. They should also provide enough circulations for your laptop. But, for those who already had one, you will need an external USB ~ 3pin Socket. You really shouldn’t ask why – if you REALLY want to know, I rest my case…

Black Adjustable 5 Levels Protector (

Zalman – Notebook Cooler (

Cooler Master Notepal U3 (
- ASIN: B00441LYEW

Konnect – 3 PIN USB (

USB Mains Adaptor (
- ASIN: B0069RJO2S

4.] For those who hasn’t install DELL – POWER Manager, then take a look at DELL’s website. For best performance and ventilation, please use this configuration provided by DELL – POWER Manager. But, please don’t forget to use it with a Cooling Pad, as it will provide more circulation for the base (reduce body temperature) and system hardware.

Recommend Profile: Cool (Reduced Temp Levels)
Dell temperature controle
5.] If you are that active and forget to disable wireless connection, then be prepare for the worse black-out! In other words: by leaving the wireless active for long session, it will slowly overheat your motherboard, PCI LAN and other components. But, don’t worry pretty much. It will slowly restore itself, if you let it rest for about 10~15 minutes. Also, if I were you, I would avoid using LAN sockets & Integrated Wireless PCI. They build – up heat very fast and may kill your Dell Precision Laptop!

My best advice is to buy an external USB cable (2 meter) and USB Wifi dongle just to keep high-level-temperature away from the laptop.

Finally, like myself, I may as-well make some tea, coffee and have a biscuit. A little time-off doesn’t hurt if my precious DELL kills itself. You shouldn’t be worry at all… it’s completely normal…

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