Classic XBOX360 Controller (Edition 2013) For Windows PC!

When I was in Scotland for education purposes, I decided to reward myself with an “XBOX360 PC Controller”, so, I could play my favourite games on STEAM & Big Picture mode easily. However, to acquire a genuine controller, I have to do some research and avoid buying fake ones. This is because, most fake controller cables, thumb-stick and PCB (inside the controller) are prone to become faulty and break apart instantly if you are not careful. So what really happened? Instead of buying on Amazon, I actually stumbled across this shop: Everest Technology ( where they sell not just PC peripherals but also PC hardware for gamers and enthusiast.

Now as a gamer / reviewer living in Vietnam, I need to buy another pair of controller for emergency backup if the other pair decides to kamikaze. Also, as another big problem between myself and Vietnam, where the hell do I buy it? Luckily to my utmost surprise, there is one shop owner that I know that sells the same type of controller I was looking for. If you want to know, the name of the shop is called: Vi Tính MI DOAN. It’s located in 7C, Tôn Thất Tùng, PPNL, District 1, HCM.

XBOX 360 Controllers PC, Hands On & Successors!
Travelling way back, the first controller was exclusively designed for the original XBOX console. However, due to its huge size, cheap and bulky design, it was classified as an abomination by the gaming communities. Even worse, the thumb-sticks design was aligned horribly with buttons that is impossible to reach. Fortunately, Microsoft did manage to solve most of the errors with a quick redesign and release of the Controller-S series.

In 2005, Microsoft unveiled their Xbox360 console with a new game-pad controller. However, upon inspection the entire colour variation was plastered in White & Grey. So, a few years along the line, Microsoft managed to release a few more consoles like the XBOX360 Elite or Special Edition for gamers and consumers to match their TV, monitor and furniture.

In 2012-2013, Microsoft decided to support the PC platform by releasing a cordless / wireless PC version for gamers and developers. With STEAM and Ubisoft requirements screaming at everyone’s heels, native game-pads support is now a must if you want to play action packed titles or stay ahead of the game.
First, both USB corded and wireless can be used with any XBOX360 and PC systems. The wireless version has a range of around 29-30 feet but requires an official wireless receiver for Windows system.

Second, moving beyond simple design and aesthetic, the XBOX360 PC version is easily one of, if not, most comfortable and unique controller around. The hand grip are subtly contoured and naturally wraps your entire hands with comfort like a leaf that falls gently to the ground. Regarding textures and feel, it was designed in an unobtrusive but sleek looking for enthusiast and casual gamers. Also as a hand’s down, weight distribution is superb and sits neutrally in one hand.
Third, button and trigger placement is improved and feels better than any other controller! It even puts the Logitech controllers to shame! Not just that the whole button and thumb-stick feels smooth to the touch and provides a nice home for my BIG thumbs. Classic!

Finally, since Valve, STEAM is capitalising the gaming market with BIG Picture MODE, it would be a good idea to invest your money on Xbox360 PC controller if you decide to play your games with a monster 4K / UHD screen. If not, then where is the immersive gameplay if you decide to stick your head against a big monitor and strain your neck? Good luck with that…
In conclusion, whether you are converting from consoles to PC gaming or a stubborn veteran who insists on playing FPS / Racing titles with Keyboard & Mouse, please remember this: PC gaming is all about choice and taste. That means, picking your own hardware, graphics card, processors, tweaking and playing games the way you want to play them. So, it’s wise to have a native XBOX360 PC controller ready for action. You never know when you need it!

For those who would like to purchase corded / wireless XBOX360 controller (PC) in Vietnam, please go to Vi Tính MI DOAN store and ask for special order. It may take a few days / weeks for them to get it for you.


Screw Box Organiser & MB Paper Washer, Vietnam

A few months ago I tried to find a few things for my computer build project and I thought it would be easy. However, due to difficulties living in Vietnam, looking for proper equipment and hardware is like a total jumble. So to combat this problem, I asked around HCM for 3 / 4 months for specialised computer store that offers simple products, such as: “screw box organiser” for storing various types of computer screws and motherboard insulating washer. Without these products, it will be hard to keep my collection of screws organise while I repair / fix / build computers for work or for my clients. So after my search for the holly grail, I managed to find a special store that sells them. To my surprise, they also stock “black oxidized PC screws” and quality silver MB standoffs! I couldn’t believe my eyes!




Anyway, after gawking around the shop and checking product’s quality, I decided to buy god knows how many computer screws (including “oxidized” version) for modding or for emergency backup. Not just that, they also introduce two versions of “screw organiser storage” – small with 10 compartments and big with 15 compartments. So without hassle, I told them to bring forward 5 big and 2 small storage boxes so I could buy them. Then after my first massive purchase, I end-up buying two packs of 100 motherboard washers. Why ask? Motherboard washers are rare like torture machines and I would rather get them as bulk purchase just to be safe than sorry.


Overall, as a satisfy reviewer from Vietnam, I am glad to find a decent store that helps me complete a few things for my project. If that is not enough to make your mouth water, then let me say that they also stock Corsair, Phantek and other cool products for everyone to buy. So please check out their store if you are in HCM city!

For more information about the “screw organiser storage” and “motherboard washers”, please consider watching the video.

Say “HELLO!” to Razer smart-band!

First, let me say that the world of technology and computing are evolving pretty fast like a virus. This means we are not going to wear something crazy that looks beautiful and extremely flashy. Instead, in the future of technology, the majority of social communities and companies alike will take advantage of digital accessories like one of Razer’s “digital-smart-band”, which also enables individual user to synchronize their smart phone via iPhone / Samsung. However, if you haven’t known about it, the company itself did unveil their bands at CES, January 2014.


So, what is Razer and what exactly is Razer Nabu?

From the pass through current digital age, Razer managed to dominate a large percentage of gaming industries and provides top-tier quality accessories from gaming mouse, professional headphones to quality mouse mats for consumers and many sponsored events. Not just that, they also jump into mobile marketing and brought forward striking inventions like “Razer Blade (Mobile Laptop Series)” with ridiculously cool “Multi-touch LCD Track-panel” which allows for display of information and operates like a track-pad. From there onwards, they also made full size keyboard that has the same touch-functions named after ‘mythical’ scorpion: DeathStalker.

So after countless projects and concepts behind close door, Razer decided to drop a massive announcement @ CES 2014 with a few prototypes and ultimately revealed one of their product lines: Razer Nabu – interactive “smart-band” which is similar to “Nike Fuelband SE” and “Sony SWR10” bands. So what exactly is this “smart” technology? Well, let me roughly say it’s a digital – fitness – tracker + combined features of modern-smart-watch and rubberised finish like Nike design. Regarding battery and recharging, it features a built-in USB charging port similar to Nike band with enough juice to keep it alive for around 5-7 days – maybe less if you are an active user. Who knows? Somebody needs to test that out!


For those who are into heavy-duty sports and don’t care about rain or splashes of water. Nabu doesn’t really care either, because, it’s built / designed to resist liquid and nature’s finest! Also for those picky colour users, the band comes in four flavours: Black, White, Green and Orange. So, a big holler to those colour armour cases for iPhones / Samsung, you can mix and match it all you want. Who the hell knows? If it gets popular and extremely demanding, Razer may release more colour variations for everyone. If not with a slice of candy cotton, mod the hell out of it! Carbon Fibre coating, anyone?


Finally, with so many doors for open – party – developers and potential marketing nitch for social media user from around the globe, Razer managed to get “FCC approval (Federal Communications Commission)”, suggesting it may be close to public launch in USA continent and other EU continent later on.

- 128×32 OLED Private Message Screen
- Water Resistance / Water Proof
- Accelerometer, Altimeter, Vibration Motor
- Compatible with iOS (iPhone 5, 5C, 5S) and Android 4.3+ devices
- 5 – 7 days battery life
- Bluetooth Connection v4.0 LE

ASUS ROG Announces the ‘DEVIL’ G751 Series Laptop

For the past few weeks, ASUS has been rather hush and decided to tease the community with a few 3D Renders / Photos of their upcoming G751 gaming (flagship) laptop for the enthusiast and hard-core gamers alike. However, for Vietnam consumers and graphic designers, I am very sorry to disappoint you that the correspondent ROG model will not be available at your country for a few years due to government regulations. Why do you ask? Vietnam always get everything last when it comes to technology.

Features & Improvements:

Regarding features and specifications, each model is packed with a powerful Intel Core 4th-gen (Haswell) processor: i7-4860HQ / i7-4710HQ (G751JY Model), i7-4710HQ (G751JT Model) and i7-4710HQ / I5-4200H (G751JM Model). But for demanding gamers with exceptional GPU engine and DirectX 11.2 technology, you now get to experience the immense power of Nvidia GTX970M / GTX980M with better FPS and stable gameplay at your fingertips with sharp–realistic visual. Not just that, thanks to G751 series thermal efficiency with minimal noise, improved copper-heatsink design and intelligent dual-fans that expel hot air towards rear-vents like previous gen-models, is that you get to play games like “Assassin Creed: Unity” without hindering quality or let overheating worry your experience or workflow.

“Speak of the devil; it’s pretty quiet, even at full load!”

With next-gen games / software on consumer’s wish list: Autodesk 2015, Adobe CC, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin Creed: Unity, ROG G751 has everything covered with the finest matte, anti-glare (FULL HD IPS) screen that provides stunning 178 degrees – viewing angles for minimal colour shift even when viewed from tight angles. But when it comes to multimedia and entertainment, multitasking and “Big Picture – STEAM”, G751 can also perform and supports monitors at 4K/UHD (ultra-high-definition) with “Trinity Display Technology” that allow users to connect up to 4 displays simultaneously through HDMI 1.4, mini DP (Display Port), and VGA output ports. It can be a combination of laptop display + three external displays or laptop display + external 4K / UHD monitor.

Finally, if you have high-bandwidth broadband / fibre-optic WIFI connections, at home, then you don’t have to fork out money for an external USB dongle. This is because it already has built-in “802.11ac” wireless LAN.


Overall, here are my thoughts:
- It’s attractive and stealthy as always like the “F-22 Raptor” found on previous G-Series model.
- Excellent ‘Chiclet’ keyboard and touchpad improvements.
- Sharp and accurate displays that support 4K/UHD (ultra-high-definition).
- Strong performance like a ‘DEVIL’ that thrives on all areas.
- Incredibly quiet, even at full load!

Specification Board
Processor (Haswell CPU):
- Intel Core i7-4860HQ / I7-4710HQ (ROG G751JY)
- Intel Core I7-4710HQ (ROG G751JT)
- Intel Core i7-4710HQ / I5-4200H (ROG G751JM)

Chipset: Mobile Intel HM87 Chipset

Operating System: Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Professional
Memory: 4 SO-DIMM, DDR3L 1600 MHz ~ 32 GB MAX

Display: 17.3-inch matte (anti-glare, Full HD) 1920 x 1080, IPS + LED backlight

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU):
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 4 GB GDDR5 VRAM (ROG G751JY)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM (ROG G751JT)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM (ROG G751JM)

Optical Drive: DVD Super-Multi / Blu-ray Combo / Blu-ray writer

Camera: 1.2MP, Built-in HD camera + microphone

Laptop Weight:
5.3kg (with 8-cell battery for ROG G751JY + G751JT)
4.3kg (with 8-cell battery for ROG G751JM)

EA Studios are like CATS ON FIRE & Will Never LEARN!

On various gaming sites like Kotaku and IGN, there were old news stating about gaming corporates like EA raging like “cats on fire” against Nintendo due to quality standard, hardware performance and overall aesthetic design. Even the engineers from EA are blasting bad words and hurting Nintendo Corporation. That is not cool EA, because, it should be you who is C.R.A.P! Should the community spell that out for you?

“The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than XBOX 360. Nintendo are walking dead at this point.” — Bob Summerwill

“Nintendo are still operating like it’s 1990.” - Bob Summerwill

“They should have ‘done a Sega’ and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives. Instead they make this awful console. Just stop it! Just make great games!” - Bob Summerwill

Second on a fish plate, is you EA forcing Nintendo to follow your direction and re-program all of Wii U online services / net-codes just to run under Origin server, which of course, is known by STEAM / PC communities for being the most unstable and provides un-friendly supports for consumers. If you haven’t heard about it, then let me simplify that Origin has been criticized left and right over the past YEARS for all sorts of reasons. That includes invasion of user privacy, removing users’ legal rights, double-charged user purchases and gave false user bans / information behind loyal gamer’s backside. Seriously, that is fraud and unforgivable!

After multiple incidents, EA decided to be quiet on Wii U front and confirmed that after releasing a few more games, the publisher will no longer provide new titles (in development) for the system. This back-slash then causes Nintendo’s sales to sink like a “Titanic”. Actually, to make it more dreadful, it’s a lot deeper than your own imagination.

Third on a silver platter, EA corporations is pretty good at disbanding developers once the project got milked beyond repair. Not just that, they also force developers to create half-baked titles and release a bunch of DLCs for consumers just to launder more money. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a good look at Battlefield & Mass Effects release dates. That includes previous DLCs (Expansion).

2002 – Battlefield 1942
2003 – Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome (DLC)
2003 – Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII (DLC)
2004 – Battlefield Vietnam
2005 – Battlefield 2
2005 – Battlefield 2: Special Forces (DLC)
2005 – Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (DLC)
2006 – Battlefield 2: Euro Forces (DLC)
2006 – Battlefield 2: Armored Fury (DLC)
2006 – Battlefield 2142
2007 – Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike (DLC)
2008 – Battlefield: Bad Company
2009 – Battlefield Heroes
2009 – Battlefield 1943
2010 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2010 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (DLC)
2010 – Battlefield Online
2011 – Battlefield Play4Free
2011 – Battlefield 3
2011 – Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (DLC)
2012 – Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (DLC)
2012 – Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (DLC)
2012 – Battlefield 3: Aftermath (DLC)
2013 – Battlefield 3: End Game (DLC)
2013 – Battlefield 4 *Biggest FAIL in HISTORY!

2007 Mass Effect
2010 Mass Effect 2
2010 Mass Effect 2: Alternate Appearance Pack 1 (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Kasumi – Stolen Memory (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Equalizer Pack (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Overlord (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Aegis Pack (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Firepower Pack (DLC)
2010 Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker (DLC)
2011 Mass Effect 2: Alternate Appearance Pack 2 (DLC)
2011 Mass Effect 2: Arrival (DLC)
2012 Mass Effect 3

Now that you have seen EA abusive release dates. Let me also tell you that they took a deeper dive towards their coffins with “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. As a total disaster, they lost around 400,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter. Why did they lose this amount of players?

1.] The game could have been rushed and developed poorly. This could lead to more problems – not just bugs, glitches or server issues.
2.] Story / Campaign / Quest development are too short, boring or has nothing of interests.
3.] Gameplay mechanics are tedious, boring and doesn’t have any improvements from the original titles: “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”.
4.] Monthly ‘subscription prices’ are too high and has nothing of value for players to extend their subscription. Even more stupid, they include a payment / recurring system where you have to buy the game first! If you don’t know, that will cost you around “$29.99 (60 Days)”. After that you must re-new your subscription: 30 Days, 90 Days, 180 Days.

Free – Lots Of Restrictions!
60 Days – $29.99 * Paid Once
30 Days – $14.99 /Month
90 Days – $13.99 /Month
180 Days – $12.99 /Month

Fourth on the list of insanity, is EA true force at dealing with developers and the games combined. So, to make this clear as daylight:

1.] Do they care about the community and listen to what gamers want?
2.] Do they bothered repairing / patching their games and make sure its stable before making new titles / DLC?
3.] Do they take their time polishing their games and make sure it passes quality control before release?
4.] Do they give developers freedom and more time like Ubisoft (Watch Dogs) / Blizzard (Diablo 3) just to improve the game and polish it better before release?

Well, to be completely honest with everyone. They are just one of many companies that don’t give a monkey about quality control, creative freedom and prefers to dump support for triple A+ titles like trash so they can move to another project. But, to escalate it further, it’s all about marketing bullshit and how much they can earn or rob your wallet blind, how much they can bribe just to get better ‘meta score’ for their games, what can they do and control / buy other companies like Nintendo, how much they can throw money at reviews / adverts to speak lies and brainwash our brains? Keep thinking…

Also, if you haven’t known about “Golden Poo Awards”, then let me add to the lists that EA had won 2 awards in a row. Now that is serious issues. Why? They really shot themselves in the foot twice and got the media talking like flies – BBC News, CNBC, Gamespot, Kotaku… etc. So, how exactly did EA get them? The answers are pretty simple:
1.] They grabbed hold of developers, took shortcuts, left out crucial parts of the game and rush the lot like it never happened. The biggest examples are Need For Speed: Shift 2 (2011), Mass Effect 3 (2012) and SimCity (2013).

Need For Speed: Shift 2 - Dumbed down graphics, poor driving mechanics (cars drives / handle like pigs) and still has a few bugs that are irritating!

Feriatus – “I regret spending my money on this game. I play it with Logitech g27 and I can tell that this game doesn’t stand near GT5 feeling of driving a car. Car handling feels very unrealistic; you have to learn to drive by the physics of the game and not of the real world.”

Silverblade - “The physics are just as terrible as the first; make no mistake, this is nothing like a simulation and I can assure you that the handling isn’t even fun when taking it as an arcade game. There is, as another reviewer pointed out, a very large lag between you turning using your controller or wheel and your car responding in game which makes it all but impossible to drive in the first place. The other problems are that it feels like you’re driving on something like jelly; your car slides sideways at every opportunity and is very unstable in all situations. The feel of grip is appalling and the collision physics are the worst I’ve seen in a racing game. Do not buy, don’t even think about it.”

Mass Effect 3 - EA grabbed hold like a leash and rushed development like ragdolls. As a result the ending was confusing, pointless and lacked closure. So developers prioritised their post-release DLC on behalf of the community with all four endings.


Gus - “It was March 9th when I reached the ending. My first reaction was confusion, then sadness (because I couldn’t believe it was really the way the trilogy ended), then came denial (I looked/navigated every site, every Youtube video explaining the ending just to convince myself tha I was wrong). Then I noticed how some Games media websites/journalists sided with BW/EA and disregarded what I think is constructive criticism.”

SimCity - On release day, EA’s project management killed the game like a titanic. What actually happened was the server itself as it couldn’t handle large amounts of data and users playing the game at once. Also, to make matters worse, EA managed to pissed off even more gamers that bought the game ‘digitally’ where refunds are magically impossible. Sadly, by the time they patched the game to include ‘offline mode’, most gamers had already moved on to another title. That is EPIC FAIL!

Thermalmotion - “I feel like I got my money’s worth, and yet I didn’t feel like picking up the expansion pack and continue playing. Why? I guess I’m just done with the game. The scope of the game is too small. I played until I figured out the best template for the type of city I like to build, then kept repeating it throughout the region with minimal variances.”

Thermalmotion - “Making an offline mode for SimCity is a great step. However it does not enhance the actual game. I want to see bigger city sizes. I have a good system, so give me the option to crank up the settings and unlock the games potential.”

Another point in consideration when playing SimCity is how un-optimized the game engine / core mechanics really are behind close curtains, even if the game has a lot of patches / bug fix, the game does not have any improvement or balance. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the quote:

Supercakefish – “Trouble with the bigger city size request is that the game already has a large CPU bottleneck – as in my GPU is only loaded 60% when paired with a fast Intel Haswell quad-core CPU. I would love nothing more than to have bigger cities but I think it needs a good revamping of how the engine handles data, because currently the engine is poorly optimised. Maybe this is something modders can fix?”

2.] Micro-Transactions & DAY 1 DLC fiasco. Yes, they can ruin such a perfect game.

EA, Jorgensen - “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business.”

You got to be kidding me. That is EA’s greed at its best…

3.] Poor costumer services, stupid pre-order deals and controversial day one DLC. Hey, it’s their best equivalent to money laundry. Nothing new!

4.] Releasing physical / digital game titles under “Origin” server is bad enough for the community / gamers. But, adding “Always – On DRM” on top of the game itself is an excuse to piss off the community even more.

Smoky_McPot - “The reason I won’t EVER buy a game that requires the single player part of it to always be connected online is the fact that these companies aren’t going to keep these servers up forever.”

Miss_An_Thrope – “I have to chime in with what others have said. The server access issue will be resolved soon. But how long will EA support this game? When they stop, there goes all my data and my $70. And for what? EA’s piracy paranoia? Sorry EA, you aren’t getting my money, no matter how much I loved previous versions of SC.”

Spill30000 – “Always on DRM is a terrible mistake. It gives games a death certificate. Today I can go play SimCity on my super Nintendo, or SimCity 300 on my PSX. But in 5 – 10 years, (if I still purchase it) will I be able to play this game that requires a dedicated server that EA must commit to maintain?”

Maxim Bolshtyansky – “I work, I have a child, family, I have little time to play. When I finally get to my PC to have my precious couple of hours to play a game I paid $80 for, I do not want to have to deal with all this DRM crap when I come to play for single player experience. You do not value my time, my experience (of a paying customer) if you put this kind of DRM for pirates sake. DRM does not stop piracy, it encourages it, because I am sure I would have less problem playing this game if I just had cracked version of it.”
Fifth, standing at a broken bridge, I would like to say that EA Studio is a bunch of greedy bastards. You want to know why?

1.] They have no love for their titles. It’s just a game to launder money even if it’s broken and unplayable.
2.] They care a lot about shares, taking control and monopolise the market. They will also try to buy anything that tries to make their business look bad. If you don’t know, then do some research about STEAM Valve and EA. The greedy company wants to buy STEAM for $1,000,000,000 and take control of it. But, good old co-founder “Gabe Newell” said “Valve would prefer to “disintegrate” than ever sell out.”

Good on you Gabe Newell! EA should die before talking – I am sick of it!

3.] DLC overload with a BIG price tag at Origin server. Real smooth EA – you took up good titles that could’ve been a good concept and ruined it with your total lack of care.


4.] They hired good developers and left them to decay like pebbles at a beach. That would be “Westwood Studios, Danger Close, Criterion Games, Bioware and Pademic Studio.” Rest In Peace developers. You did a good job and the community will always remember you.


Now let me stress that EA is planning to haunt “Ghost” developers. They are now a victim like the previous ex-developers. I can’t believe it, I really can’t! They could have gone to Ubisoft, Sony, Square Enix or start a project with the help of “Kick Starter”.

5.] The company had gone a-wall and skipped pass quality control on “Battlefield 4” so it could hit stores before Call Of Duty. Then after the initial release, the company got back-fired by the community. With the panic button rising, the head / executive chairman of EA started blaming at developers as if it’s their fault with a whip cracked over their backs and being told to row harder. So, for the love of GOD! Please stop your PR bullshit, for once, and listen hard EA. First, the entire decision wasn’t developers fault. Second, the community found out it was you who skipped pass quality control. Now, you are the ones that deserve a whip cracked with three different class-action lawsuits over the launch of Battlefield 4. Not just that, you also denied that Battlefield 4 had a bad launch. It will be the same hoola as Battlefield 5.

What else can I say? It’s EA PR bullshit so they could hide their greedy face! Also, if they hit their target figure for sales then they can call it ‘successful’ regardless of how broken it is.

Manny – “This game is seriously defective. Every time they “fix” it, it gets worse. I can’t find any non-expansion pack servers that aren’t full. I can’t join empty servers. My Xbox freezes or crashes during games. Today, my controller stopped working during the Railway game. I couldn’t even turn the Xbox off. My friend’s PS4 is even worse with BF4. If they don’t fix this then I don’t know if I will ever buy another game made by Dice. I have always defended EA from overzealous finger-pointers, but this is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to be fired.”

Onizuka323 - “EA and Dice released an inexcusable broken product, the game is filled with glitches and bugs that they won’t address. I would be fine with the product if they admitted their mistakes however they are just ignoring major problems that affect over 50% of users. The game freezes and crashes on 4 “problem” maps and when they don’t crash on the other maps extreme rubber banding occurs as well audio loss and audio looping that render it unplayable. Completely disgusted by their support and refusal to address the issue, never buy an EA or Dice product again.”

Doxide – “First of all, let me just say that I am a huge Battlefield fan. In fact some might call me a fanboy. I simply love this series to death. But even I have trouble stomaching the quality of this product. I have never seen such atrocious server issues and netcode in an AAA release title. This game has huge production values and yet they can’t seem to run a steady gaming session without servers crashing.”

6.] EA should have left ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ franchise alone and let other publisher perfect it for the community. But, HELL NO! Instead, they pledge and begged like a chiwawa with Disney (who bought Lucasarts) just to acquire the licence and shattered everyone’s expectation / dreams. Now, the community and SW fans are going to get ‘Battlefront’ that is half baked with a bunch of bugs like BF4, Day 1 DLC with more nonsense DLCs and maybe Micro-Transactions. Even more heartbroken – there is a chance that it will only be available on Origin server. As a simple translation, it’s going to be stuck under “EA Origin” server.

Yoda: “I feel a great disturbance in the force as though millions of voices cried out in terror… and… were suddenly silenced… I feel that something terrible has happened.”


7.] EA studio has a big bounty on its head. That would be fraud and scam. Not just that, they also disable / ban their user if they try to issue a refund.

If you haven’t heard about this, then you obviously have a lot to learn…

Sweet Berries ( - “I’ve had origin for a while, mainly I got it for when I had purchased battlefield 3, but along with it I also purchased Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor Airborne, Medal of Honor 2010 and a couple other smaller titles. Once I got bored with Battlefield 3 and the other games on there, I didn’t have much reason to use origin anymore so I didn’t log in for a few months, until now. When I logged in, I went to my My Games tab, and absolutely none of my games were there. I contacted support about this like a reasonable person and asked them why my games were gone. They told me they didn’t know and that they would work on fixing it in the next 24 hours. While waiting, I read up about the issue and found a lot of people have had this happen to them too, with no actual help from support being received. So I waited anyway, and when I logged in today I looked, my games were still not there. I tried to see if it would be similar like itunes where if I go and try to buy whatever game I had previously, it would say “Oh we noticed you already purchased this item, would you like to download it again?” but when I tried that, a message popped up this time saying that my account has now been suspended, so I tried to contact support again, this time both about my games and also the sudden suspension of my account, but guess what, I can’t contact them. When I try it just won’t go through anymore.”

More Source:
EA_Double Charge_1

EA_Double Charge_2

EA_Double Charge_3

EA_Double Charge_4

Finally looking at a dead fish, I have only one comment to sum everything up…

EA = Electronic Assholes.

As a big thank you to the community and gamers from around the world, I was able to write this article and post it for the world to see HOW CORRUPTED EA Studio has become. Their marketing ploy, tactics and Origin server had left millions of gamers as victims of fraud and scam.

My deepest condolences to all of you out there…